V-stars import export joint stock company

V-stars import export joint stock company and its subsidiaries are a multidisciplinary association (Associated Corporation) which focuses on developing import – export and service commodity market as an investment and development supporting business model. V-STARS and its subsidiaries gather a number of professionals in import and export, domestic and overseas distribution, agricultural production, logistics, and trade promotion.

Business fields:
- Producing, trading and exporting agricultural products such as cashew and pepper - Producing, trading and exporting handicrafts and ceramics product.
- Importing and exporting brokerage
- Trading gift products.
- Importing and distributing the exported foods and fruits into Vietnam and other countries.
- Organizing trade promotion, domestic and overseas market development activities.
- Market development, consulting and branding

• Objectives: To establish a multidisciplinary corporation in ​​trading, services, international relations, investment, and startups. To focus on developing domestic and overseas market. To establish a corporation with strong connection, sustainable development, and to become a strong national brand (including the corporation’s brand V-STARS and its subsidiaries).

• Mission: To support customers, to stimulate production and consumption of both domestic and overseas goods and services; to benefit consumers and to orient production and consumption.

• Vision: To capture technology integration and development trend. To catch up with new demand. To utilize opportunities in developing the associated system into a modern model which deeply involves in the global value chain of some export products such as: agricultural products, handicrafts in Vietnam and other agricultural goods, processing technology from countries with advanced technology.

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